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Welcome to John Collins Consulting Inc.!

Working independently and with other Consultants and Partner Companies, JCC Inc. offers a variety of Education and Consulting Services to regulatory bodies for the health care professions, health care authorities and their employees, and individual health care staff. These services are provided in Canada and in many countries around the world.

Following in the footsteps of 'John Collins Consultancy' (1993 - 2001) and 'The International School of Nursing and Health Studies' (2001 - 2005), John Collins Consulting Inc. offers a number of education programs and consulting services, which address the individual learning and practice support needs of health care professionals, as well as supporting regulatory bodies to address practice and competency issues among their registrants.

You can read about the specific programs and services offered by JCC Inc. further by clicking on the links on this webpage. You are also welcome to contact us at any time with questions, comments or feedback.

Contact Dr. John Collins directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Friday January 10, 2014

Happy New Year to all!! Already 10 days into the new year and out feet have yet to touch the ground. I guess this is the time for putting resolutions into action and many are committed to completing that module/course/work as soon as possible. We have been working furiously all week to catch up after the holiday period and get back to everyone. We anticipate another busy and successful year for our clients and wish everyone a productive and progressive year.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

All of us here at JCC Inc. wish our clients and colleagues a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to serving healthcare professionals, their employers, unions and regulatory bodies in 2014. We anticipate developing more services and products to support quality health care provision across Canada and the world!

Friday December 13, 2013

  • Christmas is just about upon us and this year staff at JCC Inc. are looking forward to a much-needed break (December 24-January 06)! Only this week, Dr. John has been showing some strain with his first sick time in several years! The online learning centre will remain open over the holiday period, but assignments submitted may not be returned until the new year. All of us at JCC Inc. wish you and yours a Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New year when it comes!!
  • Thanksgiving is over and we are hurtling towards Christmas!! Consulting work is keeping Dr. John busy, as is the writing of new modules. The development of our new website is progressing, but is still some way from being launched. This month saw more nurses going to the national RN and RPN  exams. Now the wait for results is on!

September 09, 2013

  • The Fall season at JCC Inc. has started with a flurry of activity!! People who had disappeared over the summer have reappeared and new people have arrived. The period after labour day seems to bring a new fervour for learning and completing commitments among the health care professional community. It is also a time to travel  to other provinces and around BC for 'the Doctor', before the weather starts to change! Work on launching a new JCC website is underway...lookout for that in the near future. RPN, LPN and RN exams are all looming over the horizon and we have a number of individuals eager to ensure that they pass. It's going to be a busy time, as usual!:) 

Thursday August 01, 2013

  • With clinical practice completed, all at JCC Inc. have turned their energies to quicker responses to clients. We continue to develop our online portfolio of nursing education modules, as well as working on competency assessments and reports. Now is the time, too, to start preparing for the fall, so we have on eye on that! Dr. John will begin his education consulting role to NNAS, working with CGFNS in the USA, and other Canadian Consultants next week. He will also be working with CAFCN on the development of a national proposal. There are several other projects on the go and we will unveil information about those in due course. Keep watching this space!!

Wednesday June 19, 2013

  • This week Dr. John continued his clinical teaching at Ridge Meadows Hospital. At JCC Inc. we have been working with Internationally Educated Nurses in various locations around the world this week, who are working towards registration in Canada. Program and curriculum development continues as before. Dr. John is working (slowly) at writing and submitting papers to journals for publication and for conferences taking place in 2014.

Monday June 3, 2013

  • Courses for LPNs at JCC Inc. include: Introduction to LPN Ethics;    Pharmacology and Medication Administration;    Frontline Leadership; Professional Boundaries in Nurse-Patient Relationships;    Nursing Communications;   Maternal/Newborn Nursing;   Children's Nursing;   Advanced LPN Practice (Acute/Residential);   Client Assessment,   Clinical Coaching Program for Nurses (NEW!!); Critical Thinking;   Enhancing Nursing Communications (a course for nurses whose second language is English);   Nursing Documentation Practice; Nursing Clients with Dementias;   Psychiatric Nursing Courses for LPNs (Various).

Friday -- June 15, 2012

Collins, J. (2012) NEW NORMALISING: A Grounded Theory of the Transition for Migrant Healthcare Professionals

To resolve their main problem in the variety of contexts of transition, the migrant healthcare professionals in this study describe a basic social process which I have conceptualised as New Normalising. Migration to a new country results in the loss of almost everything that was familiar to the migrant healthcare professional. The rules of everything change, as does technology, techniques, communication, environment and a multiplicity of other factors. This is true in every aspect of their lives and, consequently, produces a ‘destabilization of living’, not just of professional practice. New Normalising is a process that involves the resolution of these problems and the re-establishment of order or personal and professional stability, through rebuilding social and psychological structures that allow the migrant healthcare professional to function effectively in his new personal and professional life.

The study was conducted in Ireland and Canada, over a three year period, with immigrant nurses and doctors. A brief overview of the theory is available at the link below. You will be able to read the whole theory in Dr. John’s upcoming publications.

Overview of the Theory of New Normalising



Course Updates:

  1. Registered Psychiatric Nursing Exam Preparation course is now available online. 19 psychiatric nurses studying at JCC Inc. passed the exam in 2013!!
  2. Registered Psychiatric Nursing Exam Preparation for Canadian Graduates course is now available online to all grads from psychiatric nursing programs in Canada who have not yet written the exam.
  3. JCC Inc. Office - Address