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  May 02, 2015 Flying Time!

Has it really been four months! How time flies when the schedule is so busy! Major projects have been taking up a lot of the time and travels between provinces have added to the workload. Now Dr. John is preparing for conference season - 2 papers for the World Congress of Psychiatric Nurses and a presentation at the CAFCN AGM, as well as providing a workshop in Winnipeg. The PSR Conference this year is on our own doorstep, in Vancouver. With a new Consultant on board at JCC Inc., timelines are shortened for online course feedback in the LPN programs. Looking forward to working with Barney Glaser (Founder of Grounded Theory) again in November of this year, in San Francisco! Currently germinating a new GT study on the life of the post-secondary education student in North America. Did I say busy?:)

  January 09, 2015 Happy New Year!

Nine days into the new year already! At JCC Inc. we are busy adding to our compliment of consultants to enable us to maintain the high standards our clients have become used to receiving over the last 22 years, and to help us add to our portfolio of programs. Lookout for announcements of new programs in the coming months, as we work to address the education and practice needs of nurses and health care staff across the country. We will be offering additonal services for IENs, IEPNs, RNs, RPNs, LPNs and HCAs as the year progresses. In collaboration with our partner organizations, we will have the additional resources required to expand into areas where we gained our reputation in our former iteration as the International School of Nursing and Health Studies. Check back to our website soon for further news and announcements. 



  December 08, 2014 Christmas is Approaching!

With only two work weeks remaining this year, everyone at JCC Inc. is putting in that extra effort to meet a number of pressing deadlines for our clients. This year will see the office closed from December 23, 2014 to January 05, 2015. As is our usual habit, we will have one week for relaxing and one week to take care of our end-of-year internal administrative functions. The online learning system will continue to operate, but we may not be available to address routine issues - so make sure you ask all of your questions before the break! We are grateful to all of our consultants and support staff for another year of hard work. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a restful, peaceful holiday period!!

  October 21, 2014 NEW SERVICE FOR Health Care Aides!!

JCC Inc. is pleased to annouce that, in addition to the RN, RPN and LPN competency assessments Dr. John has been conducting over the last 21 years, we have now added assessments for HCA/Community Health Workers to enable them to obtain a registration number from the BC Registry. You can access more information about this service on our website by clicking on the "HCA" button on our home page.

  October 06, 2014

The last month has been a challenging time at JCC Inc. with Dr. John spending many days on the road and in the air! Trips to Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa in the space of a few weeks have left John looking a little jetlegged! These travels were important in supporting the RPN Bridging Program and working on the new assessment of Internationally Educated Psychiatric Nurses coming to Canada. In addition, John presented and spent time at a wonderful three day conference in Toronto on recovery oriented psychosocial rehabilitation. Though this evidence-based practice has been in existence for 10-15 years, it has not been fully implemented on the direct service side. PSR Canada is working with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to advance these practices across Canada. Interesting times ahead in Mental Health!
Welcome to Mona H., our newest online Consultant! Mona comes with a wealth of nursing and education experience and has already proven to be a real assett to JCC Inc.! We appreciate the energy and perspectives she has added. Now it's time to catch up on the home front as winter sets in! Expect a burst of returned assignments in the coming days and weeks, especially those caught up in the backlog!
Happy thanksgiving!! 

August 11, 2014

It would be axiomatic to say that this last month has been hot, from many perspectives! The weather apart, it has been an unsually busy period at JCC Inc. Though work is continuous year round, this summer has seen a number of consulting projects converge with deadlines all at the same time! It's been like the movie "Hook", with Dr. John serving as a SME on various projects. It actually means "Subject Matter Expert", but at times its been like leading a bunch of pirates in search of Pan. :) I'm delighted to say that we have contracted the services of another Nurse Education Consultant, Mona, to assist with reviewing and marking papers. This should see faster turnaround times in future! We were hoping to enjoy a few days of rest this month, but that has been postponed to September or October due to the aforementioned projects, as well as work on completing competency assessments and reports.

July 08, 2014

We hope your summer is off to a fantastic start and that you are sharing some of the heat from here in the lower mainland! It has been a busy period so far at JCC Inc. Among other things, we've been working on upgrading software that operates our systems behind the scenes. As you can see, the main website has undergone a transformation. If you have any comments on the new layout, please feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to being able to welcome the (previously mentioned) new instructors this month. 

June 02, 2014

Dr. John arrived back safely from his travels to Toronto (NNAS and PSR Projects) at the end of April and Halifax (CAFCN AGM and Conference) at the end of May. He encountered a bit of excitement between Toronto and Halifax as the first Air Canada passenger (one of) on their brand new Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner!! Working to bring in additional markers for LPN modules at JCC Inc., to speed up the feedback, which fell behind when the Doc was sick for 9 days - a most unusal event! We don't plan to take our vacations until late August or September this year, but we will have at least a week, be warned!:) Happy Summer!!!

May 05, 2014

Where has the time gone? Cinco de Mayo already!! It's been a hectic year so far at JCC Inc. Working on smaller curriculum projects, funding proposals, teaching, developing new courses and modules, NNAS/CGFNS Consulting work and nursing competency assessments. On a recent trip to Toronto, Dr. John caught up (face-to-face) with his former colleagues of 24 years ago, from Queen Street Mental Health Centre (now CAMH)!! Lookout for announcements of a Pan-Canadian venture in the fall of 2014 arising from that reunion. It's now conference and meeting season. Time management is top priority at JCC Inc. The latest 'batch' of exam prep clients will be writing their exams in the next month. This group is widespread, geographically, from Toronto to Vancouver and everywhere inbetween!! Expecting a high rate of success, as usual. Oh! By the way, HAPPY NURSES WEEK!